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Chose the Right Meditation Pillow

Meditation process allows one to become aware of one's internal powers and the way of utilizing those strengths to overcome fears and stress. While meditation only requires a quiet place, there are certain complementary tools that can support the self-realization effort by making your body relaxed and comfortable. One of such elements is meditation pillow that helps in making a perfect comfy posture for this spiritual process.

These pillows are different than ordinary pillows and are especially designed for meditation and therefore differ in shape and size. To enhance the consideration process, two types of meditation pillows are available: donut pillow and lumbar pillow both of which belong to orthopedic category and are designed by keeping in mind bone and muscle structures of the body.

Donut shaped pillow has hole in center and is perfect for seating adjustment before meditation. Lumbar pillow on the other hand supports backbone and provides ease to body. The selection of the right pillow for this sensitive healing process depends on a number of factors. For example, the place you have selected for meditation. If you prefer to sit on floor made of hard surface, you must purchase a two-stage pillow for meditation, which is made of dense foam. To ensure maximum ease, synthetic material is used in the top cover.

It is generally considered good to stay close to nature and is thus recommended to meditate at a place where you are directly in contact with grass. For meditation in grassy place, you don't need a hard pillow, tender one is fine. Before purchasing a pillow for sitting in a grassy area, make sure that it has nylon in its base and has soft materials as filling. You may need to wash these pillows so check whether it is washable in washing machines or not.

Before making a final decision regarding which pillow to buy, do check the filling stuff of it. Try it at the shop before you pay the price and check whether you are comfortable with it or not. You'll find foam pillows, feather pillows and the ones that are filled with synthetic materials. The internal stuff must not be too hard or too soft for sitting because both will hinder your attention concentration during the mediation process. The color and stuff of pillow-cover also matter a lot. No fixed suggestions for the purchase of pillow-cover because it depends on individual taste. Chose the one with a soothing and calm color, which attracts you as well.

If your selected pillow doesn't harmonize with your meditation place or with your size and weight, you will experience discomfort and unease which will ruin the purpose of this spiritual healing process. Slipping toward the floor, bent backbone or backbone ache are the signs of an inappropriate pillow.

A great number of firms manufacture meditation pillows. Browse various websites and you'll find a variety of these pillows with different colors and fillings. Select the one that best suits your needs and provides you comfort and proper backbone support. Apt tools can help you concentrate better on your thoughts leading you to self-control and self-awareness.

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