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7 Winning Ways to Build Your Ezine Subscriber Base

1. Have your subscribers forward your issues.

Let your readers know that they can forward your issues (in their entirety) to their friends that would be interested in your ezine.

2. Use your signature file.

Just like your signature file can be used to direct visitors to your site, you can also use it to promote your ezine and rake in more new subscriptions.

Use your signature file that promotes your ezine in your day-to-day emails and also where appropriate in your posts to relevant forums that you're a member of.

3. Swap an ad.

When you can, swap your ads for multiple issues as many people will need to see your ad a few times before joining you.

4. Swap a thank you page ad or recommendation.

With thank you page swaps, you'll be able to get valuable ongoing promotion of your ezine.

Every time, someone signs up for your swapper's ezine by filling out her form, you'll get your own ezine advertised for free, helping you to successfully grow your ezine's subscriber base.

5. Offer a bonus.

For instance, you could offer an email course that you've written, or you could give your new subscribers an eBook that is a report, tutorial or collection of resources.

6. Advertise on the back of your business cards.

Use the back of your business cards to plug your ezine and direct people to your sign-up page where they can easily join you.

7. Use testimonials.

Increase your ezine's credibility by posting testimonials or endorsements from your subscribers on your ezine's sign up.


Also post your testimonials below your ezine's sign up foom within your site's template to share how your ezine has benefited your readers.

Ken Hill

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