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7 Ways To Get Super AdSense Income - A Tried And Tested Way!

Let me before starting this topic tell you that im not in the top AdSense earner or the so called premium advertisers, but i do have a decent income from google AdSense program. Its very simple to earn good money from this program. Your 15 year old kids are earning 2000$ monthly from it, so why cant you.

Its a myth that to you got to know all the technical stuff and should be a programming guru to earn off that much from google AdSense. Its totally unrealistic, but all the premium publisher or atleast most of them are general site owners with basic or amatuer knowledge of technology. This is the real thing.

So you must be wondering what separates them from us, why do earn so huge amount of money while we just sit wondering what should be done to get to that point.

From my point of view, i would suggest the following golden 7 steps to ensure such fat income :

1. To start off, Google Adsense business should be treated as importantly as other businesses. Its totally unethical to call it as residual income. If you consider it as residual then you should not expect big checks from it.

2. Secondly, track you improvements, changes in ad positioning, what's working and what's not. From today, track all the changes you do and their impacts, its the basic common mistake that we make, not tracking the changes we make. This helps in analyzing few things which works for us and which do not. Repeat the things next time you go about making a new site and stay away from the things which didn't work this time. It helps in avoiding mistakes we make again and again.

3. The main thing this premium publisher do, is take up some broad niche and then divide them into sub niches, each having its individual sites. For eg, Sports, Cricket, Indian Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, Fan sites. They use specific automated site building tools to make up their instant niche sites. This automated tools are their main secret weapons of mass earnings.

4. Once you have exhausted making the 'n' no. of niche sites from the same niche, provide backlinks, links from each niche site to other one, and from each page to related page in other sites.

5. Now, designing your site requires one main point to be covered, make it very easy to browse as well as simple on the looks. Remember your main aim is to have click through on adsense rather then distracting your viewer to other things. Here the mantra is to 'Tell' not 'Sell' like any e-commerce site which will have emphasis on its product and will guide the viewer to their products. So make an informative site with enough content which will have AdSense related matter.

6. Now comes the main part, the exposure of your sites, its easy and should be a gradual but steady process, make links from other related to yours, provide interlinking to your various related sites, make sitemap of each site and submit it to google, submit your sites to various directories like & Link Directory. This should provide you steady and good traffic. In 2-4 months, you would be having enough traffic to have good amount of click-throughs.

7. After doing the tough part, you got to have patience on your part. Nobody and i mean nobody can earn 100$ on 1 day itself, wait for few months and you would be on your way to premium publisher. If you still want to earn more, repeat this steps with different niche and double your earnings.

This way, has been tried and tested by my friend and i have posted this article after interviewing him. His earnings averaged 10k $/month in past 6 months. Now that must be good enough for you, probably

Amish Mody

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