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10 Critical Things to Do Before You Spend a Dime in Advertising


Let’s say it again…

“Research” …Grrrrrrrr.

The word “research” can make many eBusiness owner's cringe. Why? Because it sounds like such hard work.

Let’s analyze the word itself. “Search” means to go looking for something and “re” means “again”. Put them together and it means to go looking for something again.

Guess what?

Research is hard work. However, to survive online research must be done and it must be done on a regular basis. So if you don’t like doing research, well basically, that’s too bad. It’s time to take it by the hand and make it your friend because you need to do research to be a successful eBusiness owner for these reasons:

Research is going to take time, however, in the long run it’s going to save you a lot of money.

Research is what’s going to set you apart from everybody else. By taking the time to research hot topics, hot websites and the latest techniques of Internet gurus you are going to learn what is currently working and what is currently not working – taking advantage of the mistakes that others have made – and that information alone is priceless.

Research is going to make you look like an expert. People will want to join your list, belong to your private site, read your books because they know you spend the time researching the latest up to the minute trends and techniques.

Research is what the majority of eBusiness owners avoid doing like the plague. Why? Because people are inherently lazy and if there’s an easier way of getting from (a) to (b) people will consistently choose that route.

Guess what? By doing research that other people hate doing you will become a valuable regular source of information to an unlimited number of people.

So, let’s say the word again and this time let’s say it slowly and with a smile…

:O) R E S E A R C H :o)

See, it doesn’t seem so awful now, does it? Because research is what is going to save you a lot of money, make you a lot of money, and research is what all successful Internet marketers do on a regular basis.

It’s time consuming.

It’s annoying.

Sometimes it’s a right royal PITA (Fill in the blanks with this one; O))

However, it’s a necessary evil so let’s learn to really love it.

Okay, now that I hope you are feeling a little warm and fuzzy towards doing research; o), what every Internet marketer must do on a regular basis is research what advertising works.

And the first step is to find a newsletter/ezine to advertise in and to do that you need to spend a bit of time collating some information.

Here’s 10 things to do before you spend a dime on advertising:

Take time to look at the newsletter publisher’s website.

If you like the website, then subscribe to the ezine and look at the format of the ezine closely.

Contact the publisher and ask the following questions:

What is the number of subscribers?

Has each subscriber specifically asked to be subscribed to the list or has it been automatic through a co-op etc.?

Is double opt-in used Ie. Has each subscriber confirmed their request to subscribe?

How often and what days of the week is the ezine published? It is generally believed that Tuesday through Thursday are the best days for readership, however, I know of many successful ezine publishers who publish regularly on a Friday or Saturday targeting weekend readership.

Is the ad published in the newsletter itself or is it published as a separate ad sheet (newsletter preferred).

Will the publisher use your choice of subject line and, if so, will it just say your subject line (always preferred) or the words “SOLO AD” and then your subject line?

Is there a queue before your ad will be published (this is a really good sign)? A queue usually means that ad results are good and the ezine is a recommended advertising source.

By taking the time to wait for these answers and going over the responses carefully you will immediately be able to place ezines in rankings of importance as a result of the answers you receive.

The more “yes” answers you get to the above questions the higher the quality of the readership will be. The number of subscribers is not an indicator of how well your ad will pull. Quite often newsletters with low subscribers pull as well as newsletters with thousands of subscribers.

The bottom line at all times is the sales you receive as a result of your ad placement. The higher the readership quality the higher quality prospects and customers you will receive and the less refunds you will have to process :O).

So next time that you’re in two minds about doing things the quick way (looking for quick results with no research, high chance of monetary loss) or the slow methodical way (looking for quality results, possible delayed gratification, definite monetary savings in the long term) remember that Turtle who gave a certain self-confident Hare a big run (pardon the pun) for his money.

Now which one is you…that Turtle or that Hare?

Karin Manning

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